Trump for President

Donald Trump is running as a Republican, but a list of his past political donations indicate he could be a closet Democrat. But regardless of the confusion, the polls show Trump on top among Republican contenders. 

One commentator called him a circus act. Others say The Donald as an equal opportunity offender.  For some Americans, his brand of honesty works—hence the poll numbers. As a nation, we’ve gotten weary of political speak—doubletalk that tells us what we want to hear. Trump has no need for that.

Trump built an empire on American ingenuity and incredibly wise investments. You can hate the man but you can’t argue that he’s been successful. Trump's the richest person to ever run for president. No need to make promises to garner financial support.

The media doesn’t scare him. And with zero political correctness, he lambasts poor political performances and tells our nation’s enemies what he’ll do once elected.

National security is a huge concern—as it should be. His words about Mexican illegal aliens should have been more statesmanlike, but his point about a border-fence is well taken. It’s overdue.

When Trump isn’t hammering people like loose boards, he’s a bloodhound sniffing out phonies and liars. He lacks political experience but excels in economics. When he says he could make America exceptional again, you almost want to believe him.

Bernie Sanders is running against the formidable Hillary, but he's gaining some traction. Sure he’s a politician, but we can’t accuse him of being a socialist, he’s already declared that he is. 

Rumor has it that Joe Biden is going to step in (are you already anticipating the Biden gaffes?). 

Election analysts say that insurgents can have an advantage in the cycle following a two-term president. Care to speculate which insurgent could win?

Should be an interesting 2016. God help us.

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