All Bloodshed Matters

Thanks to social media, millions are fully aware of poor Cecil the lion’s demise. News reports, blogs, and demonstrators said it all. But the bigger story was missed.  

And it’s vastly more important than Cecil. It’s about Cecil’s homeland and the suffering people living in Zimbabwe.

Robert Mugabe Photo by Sgt. Jeremy Lock (USAF)

The story goes way back to 1980 when Robert Mugabe became president. A country that was once the proud breadbasket of southern Africa became one the poorest nations in the world. 

In less than 30 years Mugabe destroyed the economy. With 90% of his population unemployed and a national inflation rate of 250 million percent, the utter hopelessness caused 2 million people to flee.

"Demonstration against Mugabe" Photo by TwoWings

Besides economic disaster, Mugabe unleashed horrific brutalities on his people. He’s been blamed for the bloody massacre of over 20,000 people of the Ndebele tribe that opposed him. During elections hundreds of opposition supporters have been killed and thousands were beaten and intimidated.

This was Cecil’s homeland but his death isn’t the only bloodshed that matters. Mugabe has brutally tormented and pillaged the once prosperous nation of Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans lost a famous lion, but they can't seem to lose a merciless dictator. Too bad social media focused only on Cecil.  Illegal game hunting and poaching are abhorrent. But isn’t what is happening to Zimbabweans just as bad? No, it’s far worse.

We’ll begin to care more about the plight of animals when we truly care about the plight of people.


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