Five Ways 9/11 Changed Me

1. Caution: In the days following 9/11 being cautious, even wary, was my new normal, especially when traveling. But over time that evolved into a greater appreciation of those willing to stand between me and those wanting to do harm.

2. Respect: After 9/11 I gained a far greater respect for the armed forces. I have friends that have lost family members in Iraq and Afghanistan, and others now live with life-altering injuries because they volunteered to protect me. And even knowing the dangers in our world, young American men and women still volunteer to serve. That defines American greatness.

3. Protection: Life in America now involves airport screenings, Terror Levels, and government scrutiny, but I can think of nowhere else I’d want to live.

4. Free Speech: Social media exploded in popularity post 9/11. Public opinion is more public than ever before. While I don’t agree with every opinion, policy, and law, I can still pledge allegiance to the nation that allows me to speak freely.

5. Faith: I can live in fear or faith, but not both. To deal with my fears about the future I studied God’s Word. Isaiah said, “If you are not firm in the faith you will not be firm at all.”  Thankfully here in America, I can worship God freely, unlike nations without freedom.

In post 9/11 America, we will always wonder what the future holds, but Jesus assures us that, “In this world you will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world.”  

And the Apostle Paul encouraged Christians to overcome evil with good—and this is something I can do each day.

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