End Times Checklist

It began like this: “You religious people are the problem. It’s all about your god and things being done YOUR way.”  Not exactly a friendly blog critic.

“ISIS is doing this because of all you sign-waving christ-loving idiots.” 

I considered replying that thus far ISIS has killed more Muslims than Christians—which is why there are millions of refugees literally running for their lives. Grisly videos portray ISIS murdering Christians and anyone else not strictly adhering to their creed. ISIS has no love of diversity (read: gay rights, women’s rights or religious freedom).

But the lambast continued: “People shouldn’t be allowed to dictate their religion to others.” 

Easier said than done in the Middle East right now. ISIS has conquered a land mass about the size of Great Britain. Their goal is the world. But before ISIS began its brutalities others had the same supremacist ideals. In earlier times horrendous bloodshed came at the hands of the Imperialists, Nazis, and Communists. Religion wasn’t the cause, power was. 

The angry soul wasn’t quite finished:
 “So when we have another 9-11, your god is to blame.” 

No, God is not to blame. Satan is. Let's not be afraid to call this evil. No doubt ISIS wants to strike America. It isn’t fanaticism to say that we are living in the end times—Jesus declared that 2000 years ago. He predicted wars, unrest, and evil. He counseled people to get ready—and every generation since has had their own end-times kind of evil. ISIS is now on center stage.

My end times check list? Like any storm warning, it’s good to be prepared. Here in America if you see something suspicious report it. Check out Run Hide Fight videos on You Tube. Also have extra food at home—a crisis could cause a supply chain disruption. 

And it’s a good time to have one’s affairs in order. Literally and spiritually. The recent victims weren’t thinking they’d be gunned down while having a good time, attending class, or at work, but that’s precisely the goal of our enemy. 

So, as they say, make peace with your Maker. And the benefit of doing so? Peace. Not always peace on earth, but peace in your heart—and that makes all the difference in life and living with death threats. We don’t like to consider this, but our days are numbered regardless of ISIS. There are two sides. Choosing God’s side gives us His promise that we will one day enjoy an eternity without evil. And because they’re on the wrong side, that is something ISIS will never have. 

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