The Power of No

Rejection hurts no matter how softly it’s delivered. It took just one line in the brief letter to tell me they weren’t interested in my project. 

Rejected again. 

That’s the life of a grant-writer. You spend hours carefully crafting words about an exciting endeavor with provable results. All that’s needed is money. And then you wait to hear if a corporation or foundation will buy in.

I’ve heard no more times than I’ve heard yes. But quitting was never an option with needs stacked as high as they are in our small rural community. If I’ve learned anything from a decade of grant writing is the power of no. 

Every no has a lesson to learn. The no becomes the catalyst to look beyond the rejection letter, go back and rework the words to express the need more convincingly. And it works. Eventually. Good projects are always funded….eventually.

So there you have my word for the week—eventually. The power of no is that eventually it will be a yes. 

Have you heard a no recently? Maybe at work, or in a relationship? Maybe a job application, or from a friend? 

Don’t let a no stop you, let it give you power to keep going. Go back and rework your ideas or your words. The yes may take longer than you hoped and look different than you imagined, but all good things work out…..eventually.

Pay attention to what you are taught, and you will be successful.   Proverbs 16:20a

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