Christmas Gift for Life #12 in the 12 Blogs of Christmas

For a young couple living on the island of Okinawa, it would be a Christmas they’d always treasure. Military life so far from home is never easy—and even harder when expecting your first child. 

This was long before it was possible to stay in touch with loved ones via Skype and cell phones.

Gathered around a small tree, the couple shared their Christmas with another military couple, enjoying a meal and memories of Christmas’ past. 

What they didn’t expect on Christmas Eve was labor to begin. Eight hours later, on Christmas Day, the young couple welcomed their blond, blue-eyed baby girl. 

With generous permission granted by the military commander, a transcontinental phone call announced the arrival of Kerry Suzanne to surprised grandparents back home. 

Many celebrations have since honored her Christmas Day birth, but it seems like I've been just as blessed. For to be Kerry’s younger sister has filled every Christmas with two celebrations—her birthday and the birth of our Savior. 

And as most younger siblings will admit, the older one offers a blend of love, commitment, and sacrifice. I’ve been blessed to have an older sister watching out for me, listening to my troubles, and offering the advice of one who has lived just a bit longer. Her arrival on Christmas Day was indeed a gift that brings extra joy and celebration every year.

So, on the final 12 Blogs of Christmas, I wish my sister Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas. And Merry Christmas to all of you!

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