The Unforgettable Gift

In a time of harsh headlines, good news is a balm for the soul. Here's #2 from the Twelve Blogs of Christmas.

The hospital waiting room had an artificial tree decorated with a couple dozen shiny blue ornaments. It was an honest attempt to brighten the somber mood outside the intensive care unit. 

Someone must have known how hard it is to wait when a loved one was on the other side of those swinging doors. Especially a few days before Christmas. 

Cindy had come to offer support to her friend Janice, but what could she say to a mom whose only child is terribly ill and the doctors don’t know why?

As the two young women sat staring at the Christmas tree, Cindy’s silence didn’t seem to bother her friend. In fact Cindy’s quiet presence was exactly what Janice needed most. 

With her child hooked up to beeping monitors and doctors running all these medical tests, Janice didn’t feel like having to respond to needless chatter. 

The long night stretched on and the women walked the hallways to stay alert. Cindy provided vending machine coffee at two in the morning. They began a routine of walking, then sitting, and every 10 minutes peeking through the window of the swinging doors.

Shortly after dawn, a doctor looking as haggard as the two women, slid into the seat across from them. Cindy tucked her hand into Janice’s. “Great news.” The doctor explained much more, but once Cindy heard those words, relief flooded her weary mind.

Christmas came early that year. A little girl would soon get well, and a friend with few words brought the unforgettable gift of her presence when it was needed most.

A friend loves at all times. A brother is born to share troubles. Proverbs 17:17

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