More Guns = Less Death?

Increasing our nation’s gun control measures may seem like a plausible solution to gun violence, but it’s important to check out our gun statistics. The stats don’t support the notion that American gun violence is worsening. 

While mass-shootings are horrific, America is not as violent as it once was. Sociologists and experts can debate why American violence is diminishing, but one reason stands out: Americans now own more guns than ever before (185 million gun owners in 1993 to 357 million in 2013).

Many might disagree, but it appears that gun owners have actually made America a safer place. If you’re interested in reading supporting research, see the links below. But it’s hard to argue with the American Enterprise Institute graph below.

Let’s remember that violent thugs, terrorists, and crazies remain in our midst—legislation won’t take away their evil, but armed Americans can be a real deterrent to their efforts. 

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