Taking the Low Road to the Highest Office

We’re ten long months from the election, yet soundbite smears and presidential putdowns abound. Thanks to Trump, the decency filters have been removed too.

The candidates seem content to take the low road to the White House. And with 24/7 news, we’re traveling the low road with them.

Social media features political memes and far too many sensationalized slogans designed to get inside our heads. Discerning truth from fiction isn’t easy. Look at the sources and sniff out the propaganda.

Candidates have researched our propensities, know what promises sound good, and the likelihood of our votes while we travel together on the low road.

Hey America, what would happen if we took the high road instead? What would happen if we used social media to point out what has made our nation great and how generous we truly are?

On the high road we can agree to listen to one another and make reasonable suggestions about solutions. What would be even better is for our presidential candidates to join us on the high road. Imagine if our candidates could speak and we didn’t need official fact-checkers. 

My dad always said you'll never get anywhere good taking the low road, and there's a high cost for taking it. We've been on it for so long that many Americans are just plain angry. Let's get off the low road. November will come, but on the high road we can love our nation and work with our leadership, regardless of whether or not we voted for them. 

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