Taking the Muslim Challenge

The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) director shared some of the worst atrocities he'd seen in Iraq and Syria. Traveling straight into the bullseye zone of evil, his organization cares for the persecuted and the suffering while offering hope. 

His stories of horror were not meant to paralyze us but propel us to action. I felt a plea for money was coming, but I was wrong. 

Scanning the audience, he said together we could make a difference. How? One family at a time—inviting Muslims into our homes and becoming friends. Sharing meals, getting to know one another, not attempting to sway them with our faith, but just offering friendship. 

Not a one-time event, but an on-going effort to love Muslims in our communities.  

Images of ISIS brutalities flooded my head. How about those rioting Muslim immigrants in Europe? The Belgium and Paris terrorist attacks? 

Would making friends with American Muslims help? According to VOM it does. 

Millions of Muslims aren’t jihadists. They are fathers, mothers, kids, aunts, uncles, and grandparents like us. They need American friends.

Remember the 60’s slogan, Make Love Not War? Far different times today, but VOM’s idea needs consideration, because we aren’t winning the war on terror and what if we can’t? 

He wasn’t challenging us to go to a terrorist- infested nation to help. He was challenging us to open our hearts and homes. 

As I looked at the assembled audience, 
I wondered how many 
would invite a Muslim 
to dinner and become a friend. 

What about me? 

Would I take the Muslim challenge?

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