Amazing is spelled M-O-M

It has been said that our society cannot depend on what happens at the White House; our nation’s success depends on what happens in our house. Success at home has a lot to do with Mom.

Here’s why:

A mom knows that the clock is unforgiving. It doesn’t make allowances for sick kids at 2 AM or for the boss expecting a report on his desk by 8:30 the same morning. That’s life.

On school days, moms can simultaneously make breakfast, pack lunches, find the youngest’s missing shoe, feed the dog, and help the oldest with the science experiment in the garage, all before backing out of the driveway with enough time to drop everyone off and get to work on time.

While driving through traffic to get home before soccer practice for one kid, and piano for the other, a mom constructs the evening meal in her head, knowing what’s in the cupboard and refrigerator. She commandeers pots and pans, feeds the crew, cleans up, and heads out with the kids for a couple more hours. 

Tomorrow brings different activities, same response. 

Moms monitor homework, sports schedules, music lessons, and school conferences, while still “finding time” to volunteer for the PTA candy sale, soccer fund drive, and nursery duty at church.

Moms budget their budgets. If something has to go for a few months or a year, it’s something she probably wanted and most likely needed.

Moms have stacks of bills to pay, toilets to scrub, clothes to fold, and books she’d like to read. The books always wait. Behind the flurry of activity there’s a mom with a loving heart.

Yes, we can look around our weary nation and see all that is wrong, but there is still plenty that is right—and one of them is Mom. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms!

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