For the Love of Truth

I sat with my friend in the crowded coffee shop. We were in the back where we could observe all the other conversations, smiles, laughter, and busyness. 

But as I sat there, I wondered how to answer her question:

Should you ever lie to someone you love?

Talk about a loaded question.

I had two words: Be honest.

Truth is the most valuable asset you’ll ever have together. While love is critical, lying is a form of betrayal. 

I’d rather be married to a messy truth teller than a clean liar.

Why do partners lie? Perhaps to spare the hurt that comes from the truth. 

But without honesty healing never comes. Lying only leads to more distrust—and to eventual disillusionment—if someone lies about one thing, then why not something else too?

She sighed deeply, as she battled the emotional turmoil within. 

Looking into her empty coffee cup, she must have felt just as drained. I wanted to leave her with more than a hug. I wanted to give her some hope. 

So I said, behind most lies is insecurity—a person unable to even be honest with themselves. By offering more love, not less, maybe she would be able to open the door and invite honesty back into their relationship.

She slowly shook her head. It wasn’t going to be easy, but my friend has a forgiving heart.

Marriage is at its hardest when partners deceive their mates. Truth can hurt, but lying can kill a marriage.

In a world like ours, we desperately need truth, but without forgiveness, life just keeps on hurting.

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