#National Spouses Day

No one knows who created National Spouses Day on January 26th,  but I need more than a single day to honor mine.

It was easy to fall in love with the bearded, songwriting, guitar playing guy. 

He’d leave sweet love notes for me in my college books (this was waaaay before texting) and play songs for me while I did homework. He was therapy for my Type A uptightness.  

He loved writing songs, but sound engineering was his real forte. He could blend 24 tracks of vocals and instrumentation into incredible musical productions. 

Yet, when the music scene meant working apart, he gave it all up and moved to a farm where we could work together.

Then he poured his life into the farm every hour it required and worked extra jobs to pay the bills. When we were spending too much time apart, he wanted to find another way.

Who knew that a songwriter-farmer could be such a terrific apple salesman? (Check out that first generation cell phone in his hand).

Marriage altered our plans, but one thing my amazing spouse has always done is say, “You before me.” 

So, as the nation honors spouses, it's a terrific time to celebrate all the best God has given you through the gift of yours.

#HappyMarriage #UB4ME

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