#Me Too #BeALifeline

We’ve seen a week’s worth of Me Too social media status updates. Too many have experienced some sort of unwelcome or twisted sexual advances. Whether at school, work, or even the safe sanctuary of our homes—it’s all wrong.

Me Too probably doesn’t even begin to cover some of the wounds those two words represent.

Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein and his predatory practices started the trending hashtag, but I wonder why some of the rich and powerful women’s champions like Jane Fonda and Glenn Close didn’t speak up years ago—since they knew. 

Edmund Burke said it best: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

It would be awesome if the Me Too campaign could change predatory behavior. But it won't if this social media buzz is as short-lived as the ALS ice-bucket challenge.

Let’s promise to use our individual Me Too stories as powerful testimonies to stop sexual impropriety from happening as often as it does. Our Me Too experiences give us wisdom. 

Let’s keep our eyes open to situations that shouldn’t be happening to others—and be a lifeline. Wouldn’t a lifeline have been nice when Me Too happened to you?

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