Beta Mode and 10,000 Hours

Be an Alpha, the counselor advised the young students—go out and conquer all you see. But it was the Betas that actually made the most progress over time.

Michael Hyatt knows all about success—now he spends his time showing business leaders the secrets. 

It begins in Beta Mode—you keep going even if the results aren’t perfect. Success comes from a process of continually improving. 

We see it in athletes as they work to get better. Beta Mode keeps us in a place where we see room for improvement and then work at it.

Time matters too. Malcolm Gladwell says in his book, Outliers, that what sets us on the road to success is the 10,000-Hour Rule. 

Gladwell’s argument is that besides having an aptitude for your endeavor, the biggest factor in success is the amount of time invested. It will take at least 10,000 hours. 

That equates to nearly five years of full-time work. 

In our world of instant access, it’s easy to think our success will come just as quickly. Not so. There’s a reason college degrees take a long time, and careers take time to build. 

Betas are willing to do the time. Watch them, they’ll not be in the same place this time next year.

This is one of my Betas that I love.

Photo Credits: Clark Tibbs and Jeroen den Otter

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