Follow the Money

In our polarized, turbulent culture we’re advised to “Follow the Money” to see where protest groups get their cash. 

Someone is behind their efforts to purchase slick sloganized signs, banners, and provide protestors with transportation and lodging. 

Recently, a self-proclaimed left-leaning Wall Street Journal writer, Asra Nomani, decided to do just that. 

Nomani followed the money during the Kavanaugh protests and noted the fine print on the bottom of the professionally printed protest signs—names of the sponsors, such as Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, Center for Popular Democracy, and George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, provides millions of dollars in grants to these organizations and others. 

Rethink Media, another Soros grantee, was at the center of many of the unlawful disruptions during the Kavanaugh hearings. 

To be fair, the Republicans have their own groups and the Koch brothers are some key funders.

Ms. Nomani “sympathizes with the liberal causes Open Society champions.” Yet, she doesn’t believe that this kind of paid protest really helps us as a nation. 

While Asra Nomani and I would sit on opposing sides of a political debate, we agree fully on this: democracy is better served if we follow the money on the right and left and find solutions where they are likeliest to lie: in the middle.

As election day results come in—let’s remember that meeting in the middle can accomplish far more than a tug-a-war where we never let go and don’t get very far.

Photo credits in order of use: Yeo Khee, Randy Colas, and Parker Johnson.

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