A Time to Tear Down

During one of those slow summers when our son was still a boy, we built a fort in our woods. Since none of our trees was suitable for a tree fort, my husband crafted a fort perched up on log posts. 

It was such a brief season in our son’s life—when there was time for a fort, friends, and freedom. 

After that, the fort became a place I’d visit when I needed a quiet place to think. It was where my creative husband wrote songs on his guitar. 

None of us really noticed the time passing by.

Then the fort stood silent for years. We stopped visiting. Our son had graduated college and was busy building a life. I had projects taking my time. No new songs were written in that tree level perch.

But last week, seeing the door of the fort blown open by a recent storm, my husband climbed the debris covered stairs. He peeked inside and saw the roof had partially collapsed. 

When had that happened? 

We’d ignored the fort, and over time it had been telling us goodbye. No more boyhood laughter, or guitar melodies in the breeze. No more chances to reflect in its quiet space. 

Perhaps one day another father and son will imagine a fort, and scout out just the right spot. But for now, our time is done. 

Tearing it down isn’t easy, but it’s necessary for something new to come. King Solomon once said, “There’s a time to tear down, a time to build.” Ecclesiastes 3:3

We’re beginning 2019 by tearing down a child's fort, but looking forward to what can be built in our lives in the new clearing of time. 

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