That Look

I’ve seen that look on your face before—I’ve been with you long enough to know when I might see it, so I watch for it. 

I guess it’s just what a grandma does—I’m on high alert for your hurting heart. I saw your downcast eyes, you didn’t want to talk, sadness was hidden—but barely, because your lower lip quivered just a bit.

After five years of teamwork, your basketball team played its final game. The  team had stuck together through the toughest of all losses—a teammate killed by a drunk driver over a year ago. 

Then you all committed to play even harder. Now, it’s over. I imagine you’re wondering if you’ll make the high school team. I know you wish your friend would have lived to be part of it.

I wanted to hug you and let you know that I saw the look, but it wasn’t hug time. 

Instead I prayed that God would do what I never really can do—be with you in all of those kind of moments—because I know there will be many more I never will see, but God always will.

"Watch this: God’s eye is on those who respect him, the ones who are looking for his love.  He’s ready to come to their rescue in bad times; in lean times he keeps body and soul together." 
                                          Psalm 33:18-19

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