Christmas Miracles

At Christmas time, I see more stories about miracles. I love them. I’m held captive as the the story unfolds. 

Just as you imagine the ending, it shifts—often without an explanation. Some stories are beyond human understanding—true miracles.

I recall a miracle that remains as clear today as the afternoon it happened. 

I wrote about it years ago, but during this season of gratefulness I tell it again because this miracle still shakes me to my core in its absolute mercy.

I was home by myself with my four-year-old grandson. I’d been letting him drive his battery operated car in our large indoor shop. It was time to take him home, and he reluctantly agreed. “Can I park my car, Grandma?” he implored, looking at me with his large dark eyes.

I nodded and as I stood at the door, I watched as he hit the accelerator and drove quickly across the building—at least 40 feet from me. 

Then the accident happened. He drove his car into our folded-up wooden ping pong table.

I stood frozen as I watched the force of his car knock the table down. The last thing I saw were my grandson’s little arms going up to protect himself from the table. I screamed as I watched the table crash down on top of him. My heart was in my throat, as I ran to him. I couldn’t even see the car—it had to have been crushed beneath the heavy wooden table.

“Oh please, God!” I said over and over in the seconds it took me to reach him and lift the heavy table off of him. There was silence.

And there beneath the heavy wooden table was my grandson—totally unhurt and unfazed. I pulled him onto my lap, just having seen the impossible happen, and now being awestruck that it had. 

Whenever miracles are talked about, some try to find a reasonable explanation. Not this time. There is no way the crushing weight of the table should have spared my grandson. No way.  What happened then? A miracle happened—and one that I am forever thankful.

As the miracle of Christ’s birth and life is celebrated this season, I know God continues His amazing miraculous work.

"God does wonders that cannot be understood; he does so many miracles they cannot be counted.
                      Job 5:9

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