Secret Givers

Just inside the store’s entryway, there was a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments and paper tags—each one bearing a child’s name and age. The names are local kids who won’t have many gifts, if any, to open. 

I was waiting for a prescription to be filled and sat near the tree. Soon, I was joined by a young woman also waiting for her prescription. We watched as shoppers glided past the tree. But some of them stopped, checked the tags, and then plucked them off the tree. The smiles they had as they carried their chosen tag were a precious sight.

My bench mate pointed to the tags, “My name used to be on one of those trees. It was the same thing every year—a few days before Christmas, there was a knock on our apartment door, and a big box full of gifts had been left for Mom and us kids.”

“I didn’t tell my friends I got gifts from strangers, but now when I look back, I’m really thankful for them.”

She rose and walked to the tree, looking carefully at the tags, and then she selected one. 

“Girl Age 14. I know exactly what I’ll get her.”

The pharmacist called her name. She got up and smiled, wishing me a Merry Christmas.

The secret things we do to help others can leave a lasting impression. For this young woman, she truly knows how special it is to be remembered. And now she's become a secret giver.

"Your giving should be in secret. Then your Father Who sees in secret will reward you."
                                                    Matthew 6:4

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